Authentic – No One Is Perfect, We Won’t Pretend To Be, And Don’t Expect It From Others; In Christ Alone My Hope Is Found


Exciting – We Have An Amazing God And We’re Excited We Get To Know Him


Friendly – We Like Meeting New People And Appreciate Those We Already Know


Respect – Everyone Is Welcome And Valuable


Biblical – We Believe The Bible, Follow It, And Teach It


Practical – What’s Taught On Sunday Works On Monday


Community – No One Should Have To Go Through Life Alone


Fun – Church Doesn't Have to Be Boring...


Safe – We Value Transformation, Not Condemnation


Progress – Everyone Has A Next Step In Their Spiritual Journey


Missions – Reach the community and the world


Sacrifice – Generously Giving Up What Is Temporary To Make A Difference That Lasts Forever


Discipleship – Jesus called His disciples, saying, “Come, Follow Me…and I’ll make you Fishers of Men…!” We honor that calling…


Pastor: DavidMark Grabowski

Email: dmcmgrabowski@gmail.com

Phone: 209.883.4848


Pastor DavidMark has been at First Baptist Church since June of 2018.  Previously he was the youth pastor at Lake Don Pedro Baptist Church and Calvary Baptist Church.  He has been married since 1983 and he and his wife, Cindy, have five children and two grandchildren. 

Statement of Faith
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In every life, storms hit. Jesus said that two men built homes. One on sand and the other on the Firm Foundation…Both homes were hit by a storm. But, only one remained.

HFBC’s Deacons are here to help others in their walk with Christ. To navigate the world, with Christ and His Holy Spirit as our guide, our Deacons are a valuable asset for you to remember. Contact the Church Office at 209-883-4848 if you need deacon assistance.